The Clay Castle from the Valley of Fairies – A Big Child story, on the foothills of Fagaras Mountains

by Oana Silviana
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If you didn’t believe in stories so far and everyone tried to convince you that dreams do not exist, if you had a dream since you were a kid and you hoped someday it will come true, then I recommend you to still have the power to believe in your dreams. They are possible. People who believed in their dream proved it. They proved it so much,  that they did not give up to their dream until they saw it accomplished.

The Clay Castle from the Valley of Fairies is located at almost 50 kilometers away from Sibiu, in Porumbacu de Sus village, Romania, where Fairytale Traveller arrived also at the end of this summer.

Răzvan and Gabriela Vasile moved from Bucharest to Sibiu, and their passion made them to fulfill a crazy dream. They were in love with the fairy tales of the Grimm brothers, they loved their childhood and the clean mountain air, so they have chosen the place with much care for a fairytale construction. They did not lack the courage and here, in the Valley of Fairies, Snow-White and the 7 Dwarfs feel at home, and the little ones are free to look for fireflies, fairies and Elfs hidden inside the castle or outside.

The construction has a unique architecture, the owners using 100% natural materials – clay, wood, stone, hay and sand. In the next period you will find here rooms available for accommodation.

The future rooms will have heating during winter, and in summer, the constant and cool indoor temperature will be maintained by clay.

Near  the castle, Răzvan Vasile plans to set up a restaurant where tourists will have dinner and where events will be held. You will soon find a playground for children, as well as other facilities for adults. Currently you will pay the symbolic amount of 5 Lei for the entrance.

How do you get to the Castle?

If you come from Bucharest, you have the following routes: Bucharest – Pitești – Râmnicu Vâlcea – Porumbacu de Sus or Bucharest – Ploieşti – Braşov – Porumbacu de Sus A visit to the Clay Castle from the Valley of Fairies is an unforgettable experience, I traveled in time, during my childhood, I breathed fresh mountain air and I walked around, hoping that I will find Tinkerbell. And that’s because the green space next to Castle is the perfect place to dream. The nearby river makes me see in reality the landscapes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, waiting for the beloved hobbits.

Set in a rustic style, with wooden and iron little tables and chairs, the green space next to the Castle is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee or a refreshing drink, which you can buy from the open kiosk that is opened inside. You can also find souvenirs here, in case you have forgotten your camera at home. 🙂

Try as much as you can not to leave behind much waste, you can find trash cans all the way. And at the same time, you can only step in the spaces built for visiting, the building is still fragile, and some portions are under construction. It would be good for you to read the main entrance panel, to protect the area you are visiting and also the construction.

In 2017 thousands and thousands of tourists came to see the Castle. The news about it traveled abroad. Americans, English or Chinese, all felt in love with the Clay Castle from theValley of Fairies.

The construction has the role of developing tourism in the area and certainly, with the opening of the rooms for tourists, Porumbacu de Sus village from Romania, will be permanently placed on the world map.

The Clay Castle is located in Porumbacului Valley, at the foothills of Fagaras Mountains, guarded by Negoiu Peak – the second highest peak in Romania (2.535 meters).

I invite you also to be a Fairytale Traveller here, whether you spend an hour or more, whether you are just in transit, you have accommodation in Sibiu or around.

Leave for a few moments the stories for adults behind and search for some fairies. Admire the view of the mountains from the tower of the castle, knock two or three doors in search of the dwarfs  and feel like a child. Tinkerbell will thank you. You want to know why? Because in the Valley of Fairies, the stories never die. 🙂

Fairytale Traveller

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