Danube Winter Stories – from Vienna to Nürnberg

by Oana Silviana
Regensburg Port

“Come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned.” (Peter Pan)

It is funny how I thought about Peter Pan when writing this post. Maybe because the things that you never plan, only happen once. This is my first insight about a 7 days experience on board of a river cruise that made me feel quite everything that you can experience on board of a ship . The last 2 weeks of December 2019 brought me not only an experience, but the full sense of the unknown that makes you jump.

Regensburg Port

Regensburg Port

The Danube Stories – from Vienna to Nürnberg invite you to join not only the experience of a river cruise. I can definitely say that time stood still for me. I was a storyteller, a tourist, a visitor, a traveler, a writer, but most all, I had the wonderful opportunity to discover how is the life on board for a Cruise Director. On board of Amadeus Star, the experience was full of wisdom, elegance, leadership skills, all together packed near a team of wonderful people. For the German and Austrian knowledge of how the things are done, it had a bit of everything. Exquisite services, but most of all, Amadeus Cruises make you discover the art of travel.

Panorama Bar, Amadeus Star

Panorama Bar, Amadeus Star

Why you should join a river cruise on Danube?

  • For the elegance on board of one of the most wonderful Amadeus ships – Amadeus Star.
  • For customer service and the on board experience.
  • For packing your luggage only once, visiting more than one destination in Europe.
  • For the beautiful scenery when passing through scenic stretches such as the Danube’s Wachau Valley.

  • For all-inclusive— most food, beverages, and excursions are included in a full price package, allowing travelers to enjoy a holiday without the stress of planning every detail and booking restaurant dinners.
  • For experiencing the local cultures with unique culinary experiences available only on river cruises.
  • For a smaller vessel, that means a more intimate vacation setting with staff focused on each guest.
  • For some of the most wonderful attractions and excursions on shore.
Excursion in Vienna

Excursion in Vienna

And these are just a part of the reasons I invite you on board of Amadeus STAR. Even if winter holidays are over, you should definitely want to book a holiday on board of a river cruise. This is my first insight of a week full of magic – the magic of the holidays through some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, attractions that you should visit at least once in a lifetime and experiences that you cannot easily forget.

Will you come on board? Stay close for new adventures!

Next stop will be in Vienna.

See you soon! 🙂

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Oana Silviana January 27, 2020 - 11:02 am

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