La Fontanella Predeal – the taste of the perfect holiday

by Oana Silviana
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I do not know how you are when you go on a holiday, but even if it’s long or short, I like to eat healthy, to feel at home, and not to have unpleasant experiences with the food I am serving, whether it is Romanian or international cuisine .

If you spend your holidays on the Prahova Valley, Romania and you want to dine in a quiet, friendly, welcoming location and enjoy healthy and tasty dishes, I would love to recommend you ” La Fontanella Restaurant” located in Predeal, on Mihai Săulescu Boulevard no. 111, specially arranged in a rustic setting where you can spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Whether you are staying in Buşteni, Predeal or Sinaia, the location is easily accessible, being visible from the main road.

I’ve been dining here twice, once I had dinner, and the next day lunch. The staff was kind and attentive, not neglecting any aspect of the service.
“La Fontanella” cuisine offers you a varied menu combining traditional and Mediterranean dishes, everything is fresh and natural, while keeping the original tastes and flavors.
I chose a fresh lettuce with rucola, alongside a Fontanella menu with grilled chicken breast, rostiko potatoes and emmentaler. Lunch was cooked very well, and served in a decent time.

You can also choose fresh vegetables, tasty cheeses, fruits, soups, homemade pasta, whole pasta, pizza, meat or fresh fish from the menu.
I recommend you a portion of tasty home made pancakes, cooked in the oven with sweet cheese and raisins. La Fontanella recipe for pancakes is among the best on Prahova Valley.

The restaurant has a welcoming and generous space, it has both an indoor hall where there are organised events, as well as an outdoor terrace for the summer / autumn evenings.
The brand’s story began in Italy as a small family business, whose purpose was to offer to the customers traditional recipes, passed from generation to generation, based on natural, carefully chosen and harmoniously combined products.
As a tourist who visited the Prahova Valley, from my part this location gets 5 stars with plus, not just for the culinary experience, but also for the quality of the products and for the staff.
I recommend La Fontanella Restaurant in Predeal for a tasteful experience during your holidays to the mountains!
The location is ranked by Trip Advisor among the top 10 restaurants to serve launch in Predeal.

Enjoy your lunch and I wish you a fairytale travel! 🙂

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