Tour Guide in Antalya or how a summer destination changed my life

by Oana Silviana
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There were more than 6 months in Bucharest, Romania, since I wasn’t feeling good with myself anymore. The crowded town, missing my friends, being every day in a rush with everything and living in a town that pushed me to live 24 hours as I was living in a roller-coaster, made myself to take a final decision and make a change.


This is my story about how I changed my profession in less than 2 months. This first post is the beginning of a series of articles about my personal experience of being a tour guide in Antalya, Turkey.  Some people say that … when planets do not align very well, that is the moment when you should make a change. 




The reality of Romania when I decided to move to Antalya in Turkey, for more than 6 months working on a temporary contract was not only my reality. I am sure there are many people out there in my home country, who think the same as I do. 


A country that is loosing economically every day, where politics is like a tiger in one arena governed by a sheep or more, where everybody is struggling to survive in a bad entertainment show that is broadcasting only the mediocrity, is a country who lost leadership. You are like a mouse followed by a cat, running and running and running, not getting anywhere. 


After 3 professional disappointments in 2 years of living and working in Bucharest and one divorce after 10 years of marriage, I left behind everything that I was: as a woman, as a wife and as a professional in my field. 


There were people who judged me for my decision of leaving, others who hated me for this change, others who said I inspired them to do the same, there were people who stayed beside me and encouraged me to fulfill my dreams. More or less, I didn’t want to please someone. I just wanted to build my own Fairytale and demonstrate myself that I can in a world governed by prejudices. 

I invite you in the next months to read further how travelling can change your life, how you can see a dream come true and to follow your passion when you are alone in a crowd called society and you fight against the crowd. 


I also invite you to debate two situations: what would you do in a limited circumstance and how do you think travelling can change you to become the person you always wanted to be? 


I invite you to answer my questions in comments posted on my website, you can send me messages through the contact form on my website or on my Facebook page.

Till next time, I wish you safe travels, a Fairytale journey wherever you are and a great week!

Peace & Love 


Fairytale Traveller 

Next post: My first days in Antalya 




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