Durdle Door – the gate between earth and water. Stories from Lulworth Cove

by Oana Silviana
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Impressive landscapes – hills covered with heather, limestone walls and golden sand beaches. You’ll find all these in Dorset, England, on the east coast of Devon, being recognized for years for their ravishing beauty, of inestimable value. Recently, there were included in the World Heritage protected sites.

In December 2001 “Jurassic Coast” received the title of “World Heritage Site” for its 155 kilometers of stunning landslides, spectacular arcades and dramatic cliffs that create fairy-tale landscapes. Jurassic Coast needed 185 million years and a history just as long to rebuild the evolution of life in this corner of paradise, with fantastic educational and scientific resources.

Jurassic Coast is part of the region called Lulworth, recognized for its natural beauty and landscape areas, especially for Cove and Durdle Door. You can see in Lulworth Cove rocks and geological formations belonging to the Mesozoic Era. 1 million tourists visit this area every year, to admire these natural beauties. It is a region ideal for a day out or even for a weekend. You will find here all the conditions for accommodation.

Durdle Door is a natural arch formed in limestone cliffs. The landscape is impressive: heather covered hills, limestone rock walls and reddish golden sand beaches.

Durdle Door was formed about 10.000 years ago. The arch actually divides the region into two distinct beaches with azure waters, Man O’War Bay on the left and Durdle Door on the right, ideal for the all the swimming and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Famous artists, scriptwriters, directors or writers were inspired in their creations by this fairy-tale region. The dramatic landscapes and Durdle Door appeared in the past in the writings of Thomas Hardy.

Durdle Door beach was used in 2015 for “Far From the Madding Crowd” movie and the picnic scene from “Nanny McPhee” (2005) was filmed near Durdle Door.

Famous singers chose this location to shoot their own videos. You will also find here a perfect area to study history, because the beaches are full of fossils, so you can go out hunting with your own hands to collect some memories.

You should know that this stretch of coast between Exmouth and Bournemouth, holds rocks dating back 185 million years ago when the continents were separated. The museums in the area explain the history in detail.

Chramouth beach is the best place where you can find fossils. Also in the area you can visit the little picturesque towns, each with its own charm.

I recommend you to choose Lulworth Cove in Dorset at least once as a holiday destination, Durdle Door is magnificent in the sunshine and you can admire it on the sunrise or on the sunset.

I invite you to be a Fairytale Traveller in Lulworth Cove!

Photography: Fairytale Traveller

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