Brașov – between history, legends and tales

by Oana Silviana

I traveled to Brașov this winter and I reached the performance to go no more, not less than 4 times to Brașov this year.

Shooting for “Fairytale Traveller” one week was not enough to broadcast all the history of  Braşov or to discover all the stories of people in the city with bohemian and narrow streets where each building sends your thoughts to other century .

Brașov is a fairytale and is full of charm, from the Council House to the walls that surround the city, from the colorful pubs of the Council Square, the most important place in the city, where the most famous nostalgic stories of love from the past centuries were written, to the beautiful view of Tâmpa or the cable car ride in Poiana Braşov … all make up winter or autumn landscapes where you want to come back, because every time you find something new.

If I felt in love with Braşov? Definitely yes! And not only with Brașov, but with the people here, always warm, always eager to know their past and their present and always proud of their history, their culture, their traditions, the forests and the mountains that guard this fairytale town , that I invite you to discover at least a little … just how much you will want to visit it at least once.

Be a Fairytale Traveller to Brașov! 🙂

Producer: Oana Blânda Crăciun

Photography: Fairytale Traveller

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Visit Transylvania January 2, 2020 - 5:19 pm

Hey Oana, you wrote such a beautiful article of Brasov, one of the most representative cities of Transylvania. We visited many cities of Transylvania, and Brasov is one of the cities we love most since it is so close to the mountains, actually surrounded by them. The city centre is really beautiful and you can find many places that are full of history. Biserica Neagra was one of the first things we went to visit once we arrived in the old city square. Thank you for writing such nice words about Brasov and for promoting these beautiful cities of Transylvania through the travel videos you post on youtube. Keep up the good work!

Oana Silviana January 2, 2020 - 6:47 pm

Dear Alex, thank you very much for your kind words. Transylvania has indeed beautiful cities that worth every travel.
I invite you on my website anytime you decide to step into a new adventure or experience.
You can also write me on fairytaletraveller2017@gmail.com.
Best regards!


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