RETHYMNON – Between picturesque and modern

by Oana Silviana
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I think you can find Greece beautiful in any season. Now that the summer is far away, I invite you to warm up a bit with beautiful landscapes from the sunny Greece, because Rethymnon is exactly what you need for a city break during the weekend.

Rethymnon, Crete Island, Greece

Rethymnon, Crete Island, Greece

Whether you reserve a place for the autumn holidays, for your spring or for your summer holidays, it is good to know that even in winter Rethymnon is a  town that never sleeps, because it lives on carnival rhythms. Here is the largest carnival on the island of Crete. Besides the great parade, a large number of activities complement the festive events.

Locals are happy to prepare each season and sacrifice their free time for young people who come here. Tourists are invited to participate in games or street shows that offer unique experiences in any season.

The little Venetian harbor surprises you with its charm and the architecture of the town sends you back in time.

Beach in Rethymnon

Beach in Rethymnon

The beaches are perfect for a walk, even in extra-season, so Rethymnon is waiting  you to discover its little secrets, vestiges and stories.

Be a Fairytale Traveller to Rethymnon, in the Island of Crete! See you soon! 🙂

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